March 26, 2012

How to reinstall Quick Heal for further 30days After trial expired?

How to uninstall Quick Heal 2012 Completely

Quick Heal 2012 version launched recently and we shared offline installer setup download links. All those links referred to 30 Day trial version and even try to reinstall it, it gives error that you used it already and cannot use it anymore.
This happened because when we uninstalled Quick Heal, some traces in registry were left. These Registry entries give an indication to Setup / Installer which stops after detecting it. Clearly, we have to make a complete clean uninstallation of Quick Heal first to reinstall Quick heal Trial version and use it again on same system.
This tutorial, however tested on Quick Heal Total Security 2012 but should work on other products too (Quick Heal Internet Security 2012 and Antivirus Pro 2012) as the mechanism remains same.

Installation is straight-forward as we uninstall  most of the the application Programs from Windows.
1.           Start >> Control Panel >> Program and Features
2.           Click on Quick Heal from the Program list and Uninstall

1.           Make sure you keep all things checked to remove reports and other stuffs related with Quick Heal.
2.           Restart Computer (This is necessary)
Go to Registry Editor ( Win + R >> type “regedit” and press enter )
1.           Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Quick Heal and delete Complete Quick Heal Key..
2.           HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..
3.           HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..

Now you can reinstall Quick Heal 2012 as usual and program will install as usual.
This procedure can be repeated any number of times and use Quick Heal Trial for unlimited period of time by applying trick every month.
I know this is quite laborious process to do but you can save time by not updating complete Virus Definition updates online every time you repeat by keeping a QH 2012 offline update backup. Here’s how you can update Quick Heal 2012 offline.


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