March 05, 2012

How to Hack XP Password with Administrator Privilages?

Here's Simple Tutorial to hack window xp password without knowing Administrator Password....

Letz Start..

Logon screen

Step 1Boot the computer into safe mode

Boot screen

 How to boot Computer in Safe Mode?

Restart your computer and press F8 continuously untill u get the screen as shown above

choose SAFE MODE option to start pc in safe mode

just after hitting the safe mode , press F11and Delete key continuously until u get the Logon Screen

At Logon Screen you just see some accounts , but you just need to select first account that is password required for this account

Note:- 1st Adminstrator account is default hidden account by machine. and other accounts created by user.

Step 2Disable password!

once the computer is booted up in safe mode, go to -Start 
                                                                                    -Control Pannel 
                                                                                    -User accounts 
then select the administrator account, whose password you want to disable (it will say which one it is) and you should see a button to disable password, or create new password.

when thats done, shut the computer down, and use the same method to set the computer back to normal mode, and when you boot it up you will have either a new password you chose, or no password at all!!



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