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December 07, 2012

How To download Free paid Android Apps and Games?

As we know Android OS is very popular OS till date. There are lots of free apps in Google Play Store but sometimes we need apps which are not free in Market Like Poweramp (Music Player) is paid app and we want it without any payment then Here is the trick to download free Paid apps for free

1. First of all install 4Shared  app From Google Play Store
    Its Free!!

 Link:- 4shared Download This link will redirect you to Play store. so click from default Browser.

October 31, 2012

Advantages & Disadvantages of Android Rooting

Super-User Rights

super user access by rooting android What is Rooting on Android? Advantages & Disadvantages of Rooting
Having super-user rights allows the user to do a number of tweaks, which is not possible in a closed system. Super-user rights enable the user to over-clock and under-clock the device, boosting the performance and battery life. Over-clocking means speeding up the phone’s processor and under-clocking means slowing it down. Over-clocking could be enabled to derive greatest power from the processor for heavy applications, while under-clocking could be enabled to rest the processor for when the screen is off.

Install Custom Software (ROM’s)

What is Rooting on Android?

Rooting is the process under which the Android device owner gets the “super-user” rights and permissions to Android’s software. The extended user privileges, allows the user to load custom software (ROM’s), delete pre-installed apps and increase the efficiency of the device. Rooting of Android devices is similar to the “jailbreaking” of the iPhone mobile. The term rooting comes from the Unix/Linux world and is used to describe a user who has “super-user” rights or permissions to all the files and programs in the operating system. The root user has privileges which allow the user to essentially change or modify any of the software code on the device.
Typically, device manufacturers/carriers

How to Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 ?

How to Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 ?

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT S6102 How to Root & Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT S6102 ? [4 step short Tutorial]

Pre-requisite for Rooting
  • Backup your data before rooting to reduce any data loss.
  • Make sure the phone is plug-in charging.
  • Download Update.zip for rooting.
Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
Step 1)  I pre-assume that you have made the backup of your system. Now Download the the file Update.zip from the above link. Make sure you have external storage attached (eg. SD card) to the phone. Copy the downloaded file

July 19, 2012

New & Phoenix Service Software 2012.16.004.48159 Cracked

Today i want to share a great software .  Main component versions in the release:

• Product API 2012.14.7
• Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version
• Flash Update Package 2012.11
• FUSE Connection Manager v 2012.14
• Envira CL 2012.16


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