July 11, 2012

How to flash Nokia mobile with phoenix (Nokia Service Software)?

Warning :- Flashing Mobile yourself is advantageous and also dangerous if not Done carefully. Try at your own Risk.

In this post i will tell you how to flash Nokia mobile with Phoenix (Nokia Service Software).

Reasons to Flash Nokia Phones:-
     There are many reasons to flash mobile like Bluetooth not working, Device auto restart, System files corruption etc etc. Besides, flashing can also be used to update to latest firmware if available. If you have any of the above issue, here goes the process, carefully follow the instructions given below as such:-

Note:- Before Flashing Remove memory card and Sim card.

1. First of all you need to download latest Phoenix software.Download from here

2. Now you need to download firmware for your Mobile. check your present version of firmware just dial *#0000# on home screen and notedown the firmware version and phone model. The phone model is in the
form of RM-xxx like for Nokia 5200 phone model is  RM-174
3. For firmware you can use Navifirm or download firmware from google. for nokia S40 Devices firmware format is .mcusw and for symbian devices .fpsx
Note:- For flashing always use same or upper version of firmware because lower version firmware may create problems in your device.

4. Now before proceeding with the actual flashing process, make sure -
you take backup of all your contacts and messages etc.

5. After downloading firmware now go to “C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products” and create a new folder in the last folder (“Products”) of the above path and name it RM-xxx (which is your phone type code that you noted earlier, replace “xxx” with your phones actual code numbers, for example it will be RM-174 for 5200). Now paste the downloaded Firmware to the newly created folder “C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-xxx″. Phoenix will look for the files in the above folder when flashing the phone.

6.Launch “Phoenix” in PC and connect your mobile via Data/USB cable in PC Suite/Nokia Suite mode. In Phoenix, Go to “File/Scan Product”, Phoenix will detect the phone. Now select “Tools/Download Package Data”the package data size for Nokia 5200 is 24MB where 14MB is covered by firmware which is downloaded by you. After data package downloading completes goto “Flashing/Firmware Update

7. At the firmware update window, Phoenix will automatically look up and find the official firmware files earlier downloaded data package. However if it doesn’t find the files then -  

a. Check that the directory “C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-xxx” exists, (create if it does not and place the firmware files into it and follow step 6 again.

b.Check that the above path is present in all the three boxes in “Tools/Options/Product Location” (in Phoenix)

8. Click on Software Update.and wait till phoenix complete the flashing process. After getting success message. Remove cable and Start your phone and enjoy .

if any problem occurs Plz comment in Comment box or message us by using Feedback option.



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