July 14, 2012

[How to] get Free Recharge Vouchers?

Everyone thought that it's scam but its not. you must have to try this to believe.

If you wanna free instant Recharge Vouchers then follow the following steps:-

> Sign up hereLink  Click here

>After signup you will get Rs 2.

>After completion of signup verify your email and get Rs 1 more

>Now your total amount is Rs 3.

>This site pay for each sms
(2paisa/sms) i.e Rs2 per 100sms

I know you dunn like the last step so you try this This site gives you a unique referral code send that code to your friends by:- * sms
                  *Put that code on you social Profiles
                  *Put on your Blogs/websites
and Boost your earnings. 

Earning Depends upon you Each person join this site by your reference. you get Rs 1 for each person that is Rs 100 per 100 Persons Joining.
 Thats not BAD!!

Proof Its not Scam:- 

See my Debit History

Any Problem plz comment


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