March 26, 2012

How to Change Windows logo on startup?

See ur logo on ur startup screen

Design an appropriate BitMap and save it in the "C:\Document and setting\ All users\ApplicationData" Directory as logoname.bmp

since the ApplicationData Directory is a hidden directory, you may need to unhide it by
"Tools>folder option> Click viewtab" and check the "show unhidden files and folders" option click on Apply and then OK.

now go to Start menu> run > type "regedit" then press enter.

now nevigate to the key "HKEY USERS\DEFULT\control palel\Desktop".
in the right panel duble click on the string called "wallpaper". Under the "value data" enter the full path of ur bitmap image for example: "C:\Document and setting\all users\applicationData\logoname.bmp".

Now duble click on the string called "TileWallpaper" and change the value according to 
ur preference.

Value "0" will not tile the image but Value "1" will tile the image.

Next dubleclick on the string called "Wallpaper style"
"0" for normal
"2" will stretch the image to fit the screen.
now close the registry editor and reboot your system to see 
ur hand work.



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