May 01, 2012

How to Fix jammed Track Ball?

How to Fix jammed Track Ball?

Lots of people have track ball mobiles. They like track ball for some days till it stops working . Most common problem of track ball is it jammed while i have a solution for it..It does not take more than 15 minutes.

Following the following steps:-

1. Remove battery cover and remove Battery, SIM card etc all things
2. Now loose the screws with screw driver..dont use and other thing for this like knife etc
3. Remove the both upper cover and lower part of phone and hold the chip very carefully
4. In Micromax Q5 case the ball is fixed with upper case...but in some mobiles you have to loose       
    the ring and then remove ball.
5. Now after that you see some dust there. Clean it with cotton cloth but don't use any liquid
    material. and clean it with soft hands because rough handle and liquid may damage the sensors.
6. Now clean the ball in same way too.
7. Fix the chip with body and cover all parts and tight the screws

Start ur phone... the ball works as like new one.

Note:- Try this at your own risk..we are not responsible for any type of damage.

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