May 04, 2012

How to create Pages on Blogger?

Many users create blog on blogger but dont know how to create pages
so here the solution for it.itz versy easy.

Follow the following Steps:
> If you are new user on blogger and still dont post any article then click on New Post option to post an article.
>on the right side there is an option LABELS .give label to your post. eg your article is based on computers then give Label on computer .
>and Publish your post.
>If you add the Gadget that display labels on your blog then ok
otherwise add it by clicking on > Layout > Add Gadget > Find Labels Option > click on "+" sign > and click Add to blog.....DONE.
>Now visit your blog and find Label the you give to your post eg Computer. 
>click on it.
>Copy it'z address from address bar
>go back to the bloggers main page
>click on pages> New Page> Give Title for it> Paste link in web address option and save it....done
visit your blog and see that your page has been added.....
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