June 16, 2012

How to add you might like this widget to blogger or wordpress?

Add “you might also like” or “similar stories” to your blog – be it on blogspot or wordpress. You can show your related posts under each blog post and keep your visitors interested in your content, increase page views and build interesting web content with the LinkWithin widget. How? Read below.
Go to the website, and fill in related fields:
How Can You Personalize the “Similar Stories” Widget?
  • No registration or e-mail confirmation required despite the first field;
  • You can use this widget on as many of your blogs as you like;
  • You can choose WordPress or Blogger platform;
  • You can choose width and number of stories the widget will display;
  • You can’t choose from a color or design template, but there’s an option for dark-background blogs as well – just tick the box – click the “Get Widget” button and ready!
If you choose to display your widget on a dark-background template.

The font will be kept white and the background of the widget will be transparent.

How to Install the “You Might Also Like” Widget in Blogger

After clicking the “Get Widget” button, you will be redirected to another page. Click “Instal Widget” and then choose your options so as to place it on the right blog and in the desired position:

You can choose your destination blog (if you have more than one, click “add widget” and you’ll be redirected to your Design -> Page Elements page.
It will most likely end up on one of your sidebars, drag and drop it under your post, click “save” and your widget is ready to go!  It may take a while before it starts displaying stories that really are related – give it a couple of days to crawl your site!
For WordPress users – create the linkwithin widget marking wordpress as your blog type and download the file. Upload it as plugin and activate. That simple! :)



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