February 16, 2012

How Hack Windows Pasword?

Administrator login password or do you want to hack or change the Administrator password of the windows system at your School, College or office, then this Trick is just for you.
Follow the steps below:-
1. Restart your computer
2. Press F8 key continuously until you get a black screen where you have many options to start you operating system
3. From the options “Select the Safe mode with Command Prompt
4. When your computer starts in DOS mode, type the following commands
net user

This command displays the list of users on this OS in ROWS
5. Now type the following commands to reset the windows Administrator password
net user
username password
Enter your username above and space then password.
Then it asks the new password without the last password.
Now type your new password ******
Again retype your new password********
Note: When you type the password, it will not be displayed



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